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Summary: The founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. academy created the Hydra Games to train their field agents, but it’s a deadly different challenge when the REAL Hydra infiltrates them. Featuring Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, and Thor. Hurt / comfort, angst, bromance.


The Hydra Games


Chapter 1

Rules of the Game


Steve Rogers tasted blood on his teeth. He coughed, and one of his ribs went from cracked to broken. Swallowing a scream made his eyes water, so the image of Bruce Banner crawling past him rippled like a mirage. “Tony!” Bruce shouted. “Tony!” Steve rolled onto his stomach and waited for the world to stop swaying. Gradually the scene came into focus.


Five feet away, a red-faced Stark was writhing on the ground with one hand plastered to his black t-shirt and the other gripping Bruce’s arm. “What’s wrong with him?” Steve asked with a slur in his words. He crawled over and knelt beside Stark. “Doc?”


“Must be a localized EMP,” Banner reported. “An electromagnetic pulse. It disables any technology in the blast radius.” Steve couldn’t understand the scientist’s technobabble even when he didn’t have a headache, but he knew one thing for sure: Tony’s chest was supposed to be glowing, and it was dark. “It deactivated the arc reactor.” Bruce’s face turned red as Tony’s started to go white. “The m-magnet isn’t holding back the shrapnel in his chest anymore.”


“What do we do?” Steve grasped Tony’s trembling hand.


“I don’t – we can’t – there’s n-nothing we can do! It’ll take five minutes, minimum, for the reactor to automatically reboot.”


“S-six and a half,” Tony stuttered.


Bruce combed his fingers through his hair and gripped the ends. “Oh my god…”


“Is that enough time?” Steve demanded. Banner didn’t answer. He didn’t have to.


Tony shuddered. His eyes bulged. Sweat soaked his hairline. “H-hammer,” he whispered.


Bruce and Steve put their ears to Tony’s lips so quickly that their heads bumped. “Stark, we can’t hear you.”


Tony’s body bucked and he almost broke their noses with his forehead. “Hammer.”




Stark opened his mouth to elaborate, but suddenly went limp. Butterfly eyelashes fluttered. Steve squeezed his cold fingers. “Tony? Tony!”


“Too late…” Tony wheezed. “Bruce… Steve… God, just hold me, p-please.”

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